Designer Shoe Care

lady line shoes trying them on


To maintain your leather designer shoes in perfect condition we recommend you clean them regularly with one of the many specialist polishes on sale that match the colour of your shoes

We actually recommend you do this before your first wearing.

Keep shoe trees in your shoes to retain shape and to prevent creasing, especially on very soft kid leather shoes.

Most good designer shoes are all leather and that includes the sole. When the time comes to have repairs done to renewing the sole we do not recommend stick on replacements, leather soles are recommended.

As leather is very porous we recommend you wear your shoes a few times on dry days and on concrete as the grit picked up actually helps your leather soles fibres to tighten, and make them more resilient to wear

To revive patent leather shoes apply a small amount of "Vaseline" then buff to a high shine.

When worn in wet conditions the leather has the opposite effect and loosens the fibres, and also leaves water stains on the soles and can leave stains on the uppers as well when used in very wet conditions.


Looked after and cared for properly your designer shoes will last you many years.,but most importantly enjoy wearing them!