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  1. Hi thanks for popping by!

    The wedding season is gradually slowing down yet again,and we have time to breath!

    Much as we enjoy the work involved in running the website and  answering all your queries we do look forward to a much  more relaxed pace to evaluate what is popular with our customers

    As usual silver, champagne and subtle colours are top for our mothers of the bride, and we are finding that clutch bags are more popular than handbags with a shoulder chain attatched.

    The shoes and bags offered in more dramatic shades like Cobalt Blue,  Red and multi colours seem more popular with guests at weddings.

    We were asked if we could stock more on trend shoes with matching bags,we have considered this in the past and decided against it. We  find that mother of the bride or groom prefers a classic look, a look that will never go out of fashion ,so we have and will always stay true to that finding.

    We do stock some "fashion " shoes ,at Designer shoes not designer prices ,dare i say it for the fashionista and younger generation !but in the main we cater for mother of the bride/groom, special occasions such as a cruise , christening or a day at the races sort of thing.

    Now to restock and see what the  new preference is for the coming  months!

    We have in stock at present these equisite  shoes and matching bag from Gina London.Sad to say we only have 1 set and they are a size 6.5. Gina  are much adored designer and worn by Royalty and top celebrities worldwide.


    Gina encrusted emerald swarovski crystal shoes matching bag size 6.5

  2. Hi everyone.

    Once again we have had a very busy year and actually welcome January to take stock, re order and make plans for the new wedding rush from January on.

    This season has seen a preference for palest gold and champagne shades.Our best seller were Italian Renata shoes with matching bag , we believe this is because they have such a classic look and never go out of fashion.The other reason being the quality of the workmanship and of course the huge price reductions we offer on them !.They are true to size which is a great help when ordering online as so many top makes are not.Jacques Vert tend to be between a half and a full size larger than stated on the box.Gina shoes (vintage) are a size smaller than stated, although Modern day Ginas seem to fit the size stated on the box.

    Please do have a look at our huge range of designer bags that are offered with huge savings.

    We offer a no quibble guarantee should you not be 100% satisfied, and on top of our fantastic prices we have free postage!!


  3. Hi and thanks for stopping by our blog.

    So what would you choose ?High street fashion or classic designed shoes for your special occasion? Especially if you are mother of the bride or groom,as you are also the centre of attention on the big day..

    We have nothing against fashion shoes,but the title says it all, fashion, and as we know fashions come and go, and when you look back at your pictures from your event you see right away that your shoes and bag are outdated now.

    We and our buyers prefer the classic look,they never go out of fashion, and look as good when vintage .Obviously workmanship and quality materials play a big part in how your accessories look and last ,high street fashion is cheaper and mass-produced, and not made with durability in mind, and this reflects in the wear you get from your item.

    Top quality Italian designers like Renata use 100 % leather throughout  the construction.The designs are simple and chic,with just the right amount of detailing, no blingy look, and the overall effect is pure sophistication.

    Designer shoes do come more expensive, not just for the designer label but for the quality of the materials used and the finish.

    We offer new and once used designer shoes and matching bags for all your special occasions,mother of the bride/groom, a cruise, a christening,awards ceremony and all at very affordable prices,and whatever your choice they will never be out of fashion !

  4. That time of year again!.
    Mothers of the brides and grooms are searching for that perfect ensemble for the fast approaching big day.
    As we all know designer wear is expensive ,and considering that your outlay is for a few hours it makes you feel as if your being over extravagant .
    Considering that a venue catering for under a 100 guests could be in the region of £4000-5000.
    We at Designer shoes not designer prices offer you Italian designer shoes with matching bags for a fraction of the original prices .We also offer once used (very light wear to sole) uppers in immaculate condition.You will be the only one that will be able to tell your shoes have been worn once.Naturally the once used designer shoes and matching sets are even more affordable than our new and unworn stock. So treat yourself to the best for less, and know that you are not spending more money than you are comfortable with.
    We offer a "No Quibble" guarantee ,so you can relax knowing if there is a problem, or you are unhappy with any aspect you will be refunded the item price and postage paid if you choose to return your items.Please see our Returns conditions .
    So far this season silver and Coral seem very popular with our clientele.
    Our range includes ,Renata Italy, Jacques Vert Italy, Magrit Spain, and the much loved Gina of London.We also offer designer evening and special occasions bags to match your existing shoes at very affordable prices .
    Our one tip for mothers of the bride or groom is choose a heel height that will be comfortable all day.The majority of our shoes have a 3 inch heel,some Jacques Vert designs are 2.5.
    Please remember that vintage Gina come up a little small, and we compensate for this by listing as  the next size down.Jacques Vert shoes on the other hand are very generous and they will normally fit a size larger than stated on the shoe,so listed at the next size up.
    If you are mother of the bride or groom but are searching for that special pair of occasions shoes or bag at a price you can afford, we do have many more designer labels to choose from.
    Hope to see you  in store soon!
  5. To maintain your leather designer shoes in perfect condition we recommend you clean them regularly with one of the many specialist polishes on sale that match the colour of your shoes
    We actually recommend you do this before your first wearing.
    keep shoe trees in your shoes to retain shape and to prevent creasing, especially on very soft kid leather shoes.
    Most good designer shoes are all leather and that includes the sole. When the time comes to have repairs done to renewing the sole we do not recommend stick on replacements, leather soles are recommended.
    As leather is very porous we recommend you wear your shoes a few times on dry days and on concrete as the grit picked up actually helps your leather soles fibres to tighten, and make them more resilient to wear.
    When worn in wet conditions the leather has the opposite effect and loosens the fibres, and also leaves water stains on the soles and can leave stains on the uppers as well when used in very wet conditions.
    Looked after and cared for properly your designer shoes will last you many years.
  6. So the big day approaches. Money has been lavished out on the dress, venue, cake, invitations, bridesmaids,the list is endless and the total is unbelievably high,but who cares?You want your daughters wedding day to be one she and  everyone can remember for years to come.Rightly so, so what about you?
    As mother of the bride it is also your special day, you want to look stunning but not to take the limelight from your daughter the bride.
    Your outfit will most likely be designer and new adding yet more expense to the now dwindling budget. Have you considered buying once used, ex display or  vintage designer shoes with matching bag,many unworn,for your big day? These are all offered at very affordable prices.
    We describe our items in great detail so you can make an informed choice.We know that matching  shoes and bags to an outfit from an image can be quite a challenge as digital photography does not always portray the exact colour. 
    We also know that different designers sizings vary, and this makes it more difficult to buy online.
    Gina vintage come up small and we advise purchasing a larger size than you normally buy. Jacques Vert on the other hand are very generous and a size or half size smaller than you usually buy is advisable.
    Our best seller this season are Italian designer Renata shoes with matching bags, silver being the most popular choice ,closely followed by Lilac and pastel shades from  Jacques Vert.
    Our items carry a "No Quibble" guarantee and should you not be 100% satisfied we will do our utmost to rectify that. 
    We love hearing from our visitors so if we can help you with anything at all please do get in touch via this link 
  7. Well here we are once again into Autumn and things  have slowed down with regards to the frantic wedding season from February to September.

    Much as we enjoy the rush and the feedback we get from our customers, the lull we experience from October to February is a very welcome one.We can take stock, reflect on buying trends, and learn which styles are most favored by our customers,this helps us to restock for the new season, hopefully getting the statistics right!

    As always silver and lilacs have been the most popular colours chosen by mother of the bride /groom.We have seen a  marked preference for clutch bags as opposed to carry bags or shoulder bags this season. Must say a clutch bag is visually more attractive in the wedding photos than a shoulder bag, although this is just my personal opinion!

    We have had quite a lot of customers asking us if we would be interested in purchasing back their items after the big event.We have never done this and have no plans to do so in the future.Maybe we should start a new venture hiring out mother of the bride shoes and matching bags! Actually this is not a bad idea! , will keep you posted on this one!

    We have noticed that more and more of our visitors are clicking on their size to search the site for everything available in the selected size,this is the best and quickest method, especially if you are not fully aware of  designer labels.

    Below is our latest addition to our mother of the bride shoes and matching bags .

    Renata berry muli purple shoes matchig bag size 6 008

    Back view.

    Renata berry muli purple shoes matchig bag size 6 010

  8. At last i have the time to catch up and let you all know what has been happening here at Designer shoes not designer prices!

    Well the usual yearly rush from late January to the end of September is nearly over for our wedding season.
    The trend never changes for the preferred colours by mother of the bride or groom. Silver still tops the list,with Coral, Lilac and pale Gold much in favor as well
    Italian designer Renata has been our most popular choice this season.
    One thing that is important to remember when choosing your shoes for the big day is comfort.Very high heels may look elegant,but if you plan on wearing the same shoe for the full day we recommend a smaller heel, your feet will thank you for it!
    The normal procedure for mothers of the bride or groom is to buy the outfit then the accessories. I always think it would be much easier to match an outfit to the accessories!
    Shoe sizing can be a nightmare and make buying online quite difficult. 
    Jacques Vert shoes are very generous with their sizing and the stated size will fit the next size up so we list as the stated size and the larger size as well.
    .Renata are true to size and make choosing online a pretty safe option.
    Why all sizing is not universal is a mystery to us and can lead to bitter disappointment when found not to fit, especially for the mums that have left it to the last minute
  9. Few minutes to keep you all updated.

    The wedding season has started with a vengeance! We are so busy , not that we are complaining!
    I wanted to share something with you that set me thinking! 
    I was asked recently why we have so much detail on our listings, and to save time why do i not just have colour, style number and heel height!.Well ,although that seems to be the normal for the majority of designer shoe retailers, we like to think that at designershoesnotdesignerprices we go the extra mile!.
    Choosing your wedding shoes with a matching bag is a very important task, your choice can make or break your carefully chosen outfit, and remember what it cost!!
    We go into fine details about colour, trimmings, even if we think the colour on the box does not fit what we believe it to be, then we tell you, we point out any imperfections on both new and our once used items , we do not believe in disappointing our customers. We tell it as it is,give you close ups of details, so you can make an informed decision about your purchase and, you won't get any nasty shocks when you take delivery of your items.
    Considering that designer items are expensive, although we offer you them at greatly reduced prices, they are still an expensive purchase, and we believe here at designershoesnotdesignerprices that the customer deserves to be told as much detail as possible.So yes, our listings are " long winded" and no, we make no apologies for it.
    We love getting your questions and queries about anything and everything. Great satisfaction is had from knowing that we guided a customer so they made the right decision on an item. 
    We love getting your reviews  and also emails with attachments with you in chosen shoes and matching bags.
    We cannot keep up with the ever popular Jacques Vert range, very popular so far this season. 
    We have many new additions included within the Italian designer range Renata, also Spanish Gino Vaello, very feminine  designs and gorgeous pastel shades.Gina of London are classic designed ,very popular, and never go out of fashion,there are 2 categories, 1 for Gina shoes alone, other shoes and matching bags.
    Magrit are also very popular, especially with the more mature ladies who prefer a lower heel. 
    Although we also carry a large selection designer heels for the younger set, we are, and always will be aiming our items at the more mature and wedding guest fraternity. 
    Back to fulfilling orders:)

  10. Best wishes for 2012 to all our old and new customers. 

     Welcome to the latest blog from Designer Shoes Not Designer Prices.
    Have you noticed our newly designed banner? Made by yours truly!.I surprised myself ,let alone a few others who thought i wasn't capable, and who shall remain anonymous:)
    What can a woman not do ,when she puts her mind to it!
    Well ,we enjoyed the not so hectic month of December,we tweaked our site and done stocktaking, not one of our favorite jobs, but a necessary one.
    Now we are refreshed and ready to be of help to all you mother of the brides and grooms.
    We all appreciate (especially us!)that in the economical climate that exists today ,saving money, but without compromising on quality and style makes sense, and doing so we do not have the guilt that comes with extortionate price tags, and especially if it is just for 1 occasion, albeit a very important one in your life.We love it when we get letters from satisfied mothers of the bride and groom saying everyone admired their shoes and matching bags, and they were loath to give them our site url as they didn't want them to know how much they really paid!We don't know if we are pleased about that, but we also get customers that email us asking for a handful of our business cards to hand to interested women who may compliment them on the day, now that makes us really proud of the outstanding service and quality we offer at a fraction of the original prices.
    The  most purchased label at the moment is the Italian Renata range, silver and Brocatto beige being the the 2 most favoured colours for mothers of the bride /groom.We always have a large selection of these with matching bags.
    Jaques Vert label is a great all rounder and remains popular, and we note that it is more favoured by the mature lady, now i wonder how that is?
    Our designer bags continue to fly out of  the shop as soon as we list them! Vintage Ackery of London are very popular now and we are not surprised, the quality and workmanship is superb,the lining and inside is as beautiful as the outside. Vintage Gina of London and the aforementioned Renata are bags that are made to last a lifetime,sheer classic good looks and superb workmanship.
    We introduced a range of modern designer shoes that appeal to the younger generation, and they are selling, but , we have and always will be aiming at the mature and elegant classic styles that are much adored by mother of the bride and groom, and of course for any other special occasions in your life.
    We must share this tip for saving you oodles of time when searching on our site, search by your shoe size and you will be confronted by our full stock in that size!
    Thank you for your support and if we can help you with anything regarding your choice of any item from our shop, please do drop us an email, we love hearing from you.

                                          Shirley @Designer Shoes

  11. Now that Christmas and 2012 New Year Celebrations are coming to an end  we at designer shoes not designer prices start to get very busy.
    Spring weddings seem to account for a big slice of our sales,especially with mother of the bride/groom. Although not wanting to detract from the bride, they also want to look attractive, and coordinated with their accessories,be it for matching shoes with bag, or shoes to coordinate with an existing bag.Gina and Jacques Vert are the two most popular designers with them.
    We also stock a huge range of designer evening bags by Gina, Renata, Dents and Magrit, so you are sure to find something to suit your outfit ..
    Cost comes into the equation as well.That is where we at designer shoes not designer can help.We offer new, also once used shoes and bags that have been purchased for the big occasion, and never used again.We refuse to offer anything on our site that doesn't  come up to our very high standards .All without the designer price tag!
    We realize the stress that comes with planning the big event We also realise the expense that is involved and therefore we take great pride in offering the highest quality and workmanship that Gina, Renata, Magrit, Jacques Vert ,etc are famous for. These designer  items are on offer for a fraction of the original price.Best of all, only you will know that!
    Our site is evolving!We now cater for the young and trendy fashionistas! We have some eyecatching Carvela killer heels on offer .Mainly the styles "Hyper" and "ACDC",if you like to attract attention, then these are for you!.These are selling as fast as we can get fresh supplies
    .Other makes that are in demand by our younger customers are the gorgeous Karen Millen range, very innovative and for the fashion conscious 
    We look forward to the wedding season getting into full swing once more, and hope we can ease the burden for you a little!
    Please remember, we offer a "no quibble guarantee". 

    Capollini hot pink shoes clutch size 4
    Capollini bridal silver crystals size 5
    Gina red flower shoes with bag size3.5-4 007

  12.  Just a quick update on what is the most popular selling designer label  this season .

    Gina shoes have come into their own this season,and we are not surprised. 
    Vintage is very popular at the moment , in fact, always has been. We attribute this to vintage designs being classic ,no frills,just outstanding craftsmanship, quality leathers and attention to detail and finish..
    You can tell just by handling and looking at a shoe if it is well crafted or just a reproduction. Gina shoes last a lifetime, even being passed down to the next generation, the replicas that look good when first new do not stand the test of time. 
    Investing in a pair of  Gina shoes will  be the best investment you can make to your wardrobe.
    If they are the choice of Royals and celebrities worldwide then that says it all.
    Sit down with a coffee, browse what we offer in the Gina category, you will be pleasantly surprised at our prices.We offer new, and once used Gina shoes,Gina shoes with matching bags suitable for all occasions .We also  have a large selection of Gina bags/clutches .very popular with mother of the brides/grooms.
    One point we feel we should make,Gina shoes ,especially vintage Gina shoes come up on the small side with their sizing. Please bear this in mind when making your choice
    Below are a few Gina items that can be found in our shop

    Gina black silver shoes bag size 4.5 -5

  13. At last a spare hour to let you know whats going on here at Designer shoes not designer prices!
    It has been hectic this season! Is everyone getting married between June and August now? We assume they are hoping that the weather will be good in these months, sadly that has not been the case, and many brides have woken up to torrential rain sadly :(. It must be so disheartening after all the planning and careful thought that has been put in place for the big day.
    Our brides continue to favor the designer Renata for their shoes, with Gina of London a close second. The best selling shade this year has been ivory, always a popular colour with brides and also mother of the bride/groom.
    Our range of designer shoes with matching bags have been extremely popular this season and again Renata being the top choice, with old faithful Jacques Vert and Gina in third place.
    Everyone seemed delighted with their purchases and a few kindly sent us a pic of them on the big day in all their finery, thank you ladies, we love to happy endings here at designer shoes!
    Our young followers of fashion have taken a shine to our Karen Millen  designer shoes, with Miss Sixty and Bertie close runners up.
    Although we are happy that we have a young following , we strive to supply designer shoes and matching bags for the mature discerning female and at prices that are at times no more than high street prices.
    Our "once used" designer items are extremely popular and can save you a small fortune, especially when every penny counts, and bills are mounting at an alarming rate. Many mothers of the bride/groom make the same comment to us"seems such an extravagance to buy new and just wear for a few hours, then they never see the light of day again!.So doesn't it make sense to be save money and get your handcrafted Italian designer shoes and bags for as little as possible?
    Our separate category for designer evening bags have just about outshone our shoe department!Extremely popular are the Renata evening clutch bags. We offer an extensive range of new and "once used" in our designer bag category.
    Gina 3 way bags are extremely popular also, craftsmanship and attention to detail is superb, and these bags are a good investment, they were made to last for a lifetime.!
    We added Ackery London bags to our stock and simply cannot keep up with the demand for these gorgeous vintage bags. Our range of snakeskin Ackery bags with the Amber and Black roundels that adorn the top frame are stunning, and very popular with evening dinner wear.These are offered in Black, Chestnut, and Navy Blue at this moment in time,  but selling fast!
    The Ostrich tan leather bags are simply gorgeous,and the craftsmanship and finish to these bags is second to none.They are large and roomy, and the interior have plenty pockets ,zipped and open to cater for all your bits and bobs.See images of these gorgeous bags below.
     We would like to thank all our customers for taking the time to share their big day with us, and for giving us the chance to help and advise them in their choices.
    Ackery black leather clutch ,should...jpgAckery dark navy blue snakeskin bag 006Ackery snakeskin bag 010Ackery tan ostrich leather Kelly bag 002Ackery oversized patchwork

  14. The very busy season for us is now subsiding.Wedding fever has given way to other special occasions ,namely christenings and race day!

    Our matching designers shoes and handbags are still as popular as ever, not that we are surprised, designer shoes are one thing, but to have a matching bag for them is an added bonus, and we are proud that our prices are affordable to all, not just those in a higher salary bracket .Most mothers of the brides push the boat out and splurge out on their chosen outfit,shhhhh, don't tell hubby,he will know soon enough when he gets his credit card bill in!Point is, after spending so much on the outfit, you still have shoes,bag and hat to purchase. These items may only be needed once, and the thought of  more expense fills you with dread. here at designer shoes not designer prices we understand how costs spiral for a very special occasion, we also understand that you want to look your very best on your special day.With these factors in mind we offer new, and never more than once used top designer shoes also shoes with matching bags.You will see from  our prices, that not only can you have the very best in elegant designer footwear and bags, but, only you will know that they didn't cost you an arm and a leg.We would love you to tell all your friends about us and out prices, but, we will forgive you if you wish to keep it to yourself!

    We have started to cater for the younger woman who is into fashion and designer labels. This has proved to be a success, and we hope to increase our range substantially in the coming months.The designer makes  popular with our younger clientele are Carvela,Miss Sixty, Miss KG ,Pertu, Schuh .

    Most popular make with mother of the bride /groom remains the same as past years, the ever popular Jacques Vert range, a few of these are offered with fascinators.Italian designers Renata and Gina of London are also very popular with our clientele for their special occasions.

    We are now well into September and things are not as hectic, we can now concentrate on building up our new seasons stock, ready for next years mothers of the bride/groom.

    We look forward to being of service to you

    Shirley&Designer Shoes
  15. Thanks for stopping by.
    Well, February is over and demand for mother of the bride shoes with matching bags as we enter March has trebled.
    It is always a busy time for us from mid January to late October for matching shoes and bags for mother of the bride/groom.We have started to offer fascinators with some of our Jacques Vert  range.If they prove popular we will be adding more in the coming months.
    The Gina shoes and matching bags remain our  most popular ,especially at the prices we offer them.
    Our range of Carvela and Kurt Geiger shoes are going down well with the younger fashionistas out there!Bright, eye catching and sexy, perfect for clubbing in!Our mother of the bride/groom shoes and bags are somewhat more sedate!

                                               [email protected]Designer Shoes